venerdì 29 luglio 2011

Arsenik 0.3

About Arsenik
Arsenik is a set of tools for type setting flash cards. I started writing it when studying pathology in Padova and used it extensively during surgical exams. After I graduated development slacked off but now I need it to type set decks based on the anatomy course of Uppsala University.

It consists of a deck editor written in pygtk and training apps.

A card has two pages being either SVG or text. The editor allows editing SVG data externally in Inkscape and exporting the deck as a 300 dpi PDF. The editor is tested in fedora and debian, it once ran on OS X and might still do so.

Trainer apps exist for Maemo 5 and OS2008.

Currently Arsenik is well suited to create and learn decks. The maemo trainer app is primitive but tuned through the course of many exams to work effectively.

(1½ year of development)
  • External editing in Inkscape
  • More robust PDF-export
  • Manually bind librsvg if python bindings not available
  • SVG rendering code respects target size and DPI
  • Each deck has a title card
  • New, simpler, deck format
  • Bug fixes...
Validating Arsenik as a tool for producing print quality documents. This primarily means adding support for outputting print marks and completing the anatomy decks.

Trying it out
Debian package:
Maemo package:
Archive of sources:

When you find bugs, please report them in the bug tracker.

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